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We have just received the exciting news that there will be a further addition to the popular Mini Maru series of dolls later this year. Mini Halle who’s 33cm/ 13″ is due to arrive in UK in November 2017.

Official press release: Mini Halle

Hello Halle™

Let’s welcome Halle™ to our collector’s series of mini pals!

This African-American beauty, is set to thrill with her dark eyes, long lashes, unique facial

features and tight afro-curls! Halle’s fashioned in a white long-sleeve top, paw print chic

leggings, fancy knit shawl with faux-fur and matching suede grey booties!

Did we mention, Halle’s all vinyl body feels like porcelain, but is made from the finest material

for durable play, just like our 20-inch Maru™ dolls.

Halle™ is the first 13-inch, African-American mini pal sculpted by master doll artist Dianna

Effner.Maru and Friends Mini doll Halle with dark brown African vinyl, black curly hair

halle face


Certificate of authenticity included.

Delivery scheduled- late October 2017 (later in UK due to customs).

For more information about Mini Halle see the Mini Halle product page.

Pre-orders opened. To reserve a Mini Halle doll, click PRE-ORDER to take you to the form.

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