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Picnic With Dolls – National Picnic Week

Is there a more lovely way to spend the Summer than having picnics al fresco? We love the idea of a picnic with dolls, children, parents and grandparents sat together on a rug eating sandwiches prepared earlier, packed in foil or tupperware, popped into a basket. We say the sun is out, so pack up your hampers and head off for a dolly picnic! Memories are made of afternoons like this.

How to Prepare for a Picnic

The picnic is a great British tradition originating 200 years ago, now celebrated nationally each year. National Picnic Week has an official date in the calendar between 16th-25th June in 2017.

We set the hamper down in all kinds of places: beside lakes, in the middle of green fields, even beautiful sandy beaches, tucking into everything from sandwiches and milkshakes to scrumptious pink iced doughnuts! No reason why you can’t pack pizza and a fizzy drink either – whatever you enjoy!

Look no further for your dolly picnic accessories! We have doll size picnic hampers that your dolls can carry.  If you’d like a child size picnic backpack to pack all the picnic accessories in we have girl size backpacks. It co-ordinates beautifully with the doll carry bag.

Your doll might not want to sit on a picnic blanket if it’s a bit damp so take a folding chair or deckchair to stay dry.

How do you want to be dressed on your picnic? We recommend sunglasses, sunhat, comfy shoes or wellies that you can slip on and off, or trainers for sports. Unless you’re sure it won’t rain take an umbrella and coat too.

Just because you’re having a picnic doesn’t mean your bum should be glued to the blanket. Get up and play a good old fashioned game of rounders.

So now you’ve prepared your tastiest treats, packed your basket and outdoor games and dressed appropriately for the weather, go and have a perfect fun filled and inexpensive day out for you and the family – and by that of course we include the doll family!

Don’t forget Fido the family dog!

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