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Gotz Dolls At The Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017

Gotz has excelled itself again this year. Physically the booth is centre of Hall 1 at the Nuremberg Toy Fair – the doll hall – and metaphorically Gotz is the epicentre of the doll world, the benchmark for beauty, play and innovation in dolls. First day of the fair, first booked meeting, it never changes it’s always this Bordeaux booth. Gotz has been at the Nuremberg Toy Fair every year since it made its debut in the 1950’s with the founder Franz Gotz meeting his first customers, building the foundations of his family run business which would be continued by his daughters until today. Every year I get more of a sense of the man Franz was: a businessman, a family man, a man keen to embrace feedback from customers and engage in relationship building, so much so that his customers became his friends. I’ve created a fantasy scene for myself where he’d have showed me round, allowed me to film him talking about his dolls, and told me stories of how it all began. He was much loved that I can tell and I wish I could have met him!

As technology has advanced Gotz tells me what happens now at the fair is different to what happened before.  Originally the toy fair was the place Gotz would write its year’s orders. The Gotz dolls would be proudly displayed in the booth, the family would meet new customers and crucially – do business. These days, with Gotz products available online, immediate email response, dolls catalogued with photographs, model numbers and barcodes, the way of doing business has changed so much that valuable time at the toy fair is rarely used for order writing. The Spielwarenmesse, the name given to the Nuremberg Toy Fair is instead the place where Gotz talks to its customers about new ideas.

So, we see a responsiveness to fresh concepts from international customers who come with their customers’ feedback. My Doll Best Friend has taken the news to the toy fair that many adults enjoy the Gotz play dolls, and that they’d like to see new hair, eye and face mould combinations each year, so now we see this in their collection. Indeed we have our own exclusive new brand called Chosen, and the debut dolls are Rosie and Kitty, developed by Gotz for us, in response to our customer feedback. Rosie has blue eyes, brown hair and Kitty has green eyes, freckles and blonde hair, and both dolls have jointed Happy Kidz bodies. Limited to just 250 each worldwide, customers are snapping them up!

In Germany, customers love the Hannah collection and they want new clothes and accessories for children to enjoy, that reflect current trends in the way children play, and their interests. This year we see the new Hannah Loves Party Glamour who comes with a fun photo booth backdrop and 22 party pieces, so Hannah can change her look with each flash! In addition there is Hannah at the Gym whose set includes 10 pieces in all, consisting of fully dressed doll, trampoline, floor mat and robe. Children love gymnastics and this is the perfect doll for a gym mad child!

Every year Gotz brings their interpretation of current fashions in the real world to the styling of the dolls clothes. Last year we had Charlotte Olympia inspired Gotz doll ‘cat’ shoes, even ‘mouse’ shoes’ and this year we have ‘panda’ shoes!  We might not find it on Avenue Montaigne, but the Gotz fashion house is definitely a label in its own right – for our dolls of course!

There are dolls for babies, for nursery age children and pre-school children, like Baby Pure, the Muffin toddler dolls with or without hair, the Aquini water suited dolls and large baby dolls, including the very popular ‘Cookie’.  So many beautiful clothes exist for these dolls, as well as accessory sets. Moving on to the older children there’s Just Like Me, Precious Day Dolls, Hannah and Happy Kidz dolls. Girl dolls with hair to style and an enviable doll shoes ranging from crocs to glitter disco boots.  They have the clothes children love, and pursue hobbies from ballet to ice-skating. In the world of dolls, the Gotz dolls have it all!

Take a look at all the items that will be in store at My Doll Best Friend in 2017 and enjoy our photos taken at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017.

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