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The Fabulously Packaged Gift

Hoping to find something that looks gift-worthy in beautiful packaging? Perhaps you want to buy a ‘complete’ and stand alone gift. Or maybe you wish to design your very own thoughtful multi-accessory present following a fun theme. If it’s doll clothes you want, with plenty of new stock for winter, treat your doll to a fabulously packaged outfit on Christmas morning.

Fun In Faith 21cm dolls with bible booklet gift pack £59.99


A 21cm vinyl doll in fabulous costume, an extra costume, a story booklet, a backdrop and a bracelet - all in a gift pack. Wonderful gift with a message!

Petitcollin Minouche Olga, doll and trunk £99.99

Rosemarie Muller Wichtel doll Pandora £369.99

Gotz Sewing Kit For Making 45-50cm Dolls Clothes £19.99

Assorted WeGirls dolls clothes in gift boxes £21.99

Gotz Hair Styling Heads & Accessories £59.99

Gotz Hair Stylist Set £21.99

Petitcollin Minouche dolls and bed £69.99- £74.99


Minouche dolls come in a box that includes 4 wooden posts to convert the box to a bed. Minouche Mona the black doll, additionally comes with a baby doll for a very special gift.

Vinyl doll 34cm tall, artist Sylvia Natterer, 5 joints, age 3+.


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